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    Question: - I Have To Pull Or Push My Door With Force To Either Lock Or Unlock It. Why Is This And It Was Working Well Before?

    Answer: - As new building Settle, they tend to shift. Wood also expands and contracts during wet and dry weather respectively. Because of this, strike plates and locks latch and become out of alignment. The misalignment needs to be adjusted.

    Question: - I Have Difficulty Turning My Key, Should I Use Force?

    Answer: - NO! Using Force to turn your keys will result in it breaking inside the lock. When your lock key becomes hard and sticky, it is advisable to have your key, re-keyed to the proper pin height that will match the key you are attempting to use.

    Question: - My Key Has Suddenly Stopped Working. What And Why This Has Happened

    Answer: - This Can be caused by several things, which include:

    Ø Your lock could be seized or dry

    Ø Your key could be worn out

    Ø Your lock could be worn out

    This problem can be fixed by either lubricating your lock or require the cylinder to be re-keyed to factory settings or code key cut

    Question: - Can I Use Graphite Or WD-40 In my Lock?

    Answer: - Never Use them in your Vehicle lock. This is because, over time, they attract dust resulting to failure. It is advisable to use Graphite in commercial or residential style locks. Rather than using WD-40, we recommend using Silicone or Teflon based lubricants like Tri-fro.

    Question: - Sometimes Am Required To Jiggle The Key In The Lock To Get It To Turn. What Should I do?

    Answer: - If you have to jiggle your key to either lock or unlock the door, this means that both, or either the key or lock is worn out. The solution to this problem is to have code key made. If this problem persists, you will need your cylinder re-keyed to factory settings/specifications.

    Question: - Can I Have All My Lock Using The Same Key?

    Answer: - Yes! You can have all your locks using the same key if you wish. If they have similar slides, you could have them re-keyed. If your locks do not have the same slides, then you will have to replace them to make them similar.

    Question: - My Keys Have Been Stolen; Do I Really Need To Buy New Locks?

    Answer: - No! You can have them simply re-keyed by changing the pins to change the code. You can do this rather than going and buying new locks.

    Questions: - Are We In A Position To Supply Locks That Can Be Operated By My Existing Key?

    Answer: - Yes! We can supply new locks that can be used by existing keys all the time.

    Question: - What Is A Mater Key?

    Answer: - A master key is a secondary key that can open a group of locks and at times the same locks within a master key system. Many people do confuse this, whereby, their locks are keyed alike and having one operated key does not make it a master key.

    Question: - What Is The Difference Between Master Keying And Re-Keying?

    Answer:- Master keying is the process of keying locks to allow multiple keys to operate a lock under a master key system whereas, re-keying is the process of changing lock pins or tumblers to match the profile of a new key.

    Question: - What Is Restricted Keys System?

    Answer: - A restricted key system is a process of restricting who can get a key duplicate. Only those with permission may get duplicates made and update the current system we have on file.

    Question: - How Do I Identify If My Door Lock Is Mater Keyed?

    Answer: if you are living in an apartment building or group of buildings managed by a property manager, you likely will not know if your lock has been master keyed. A professional locksmith will disassemble the cylinder to know if your lock has been master keyed. If it has, your locksmith will remove the master pin for you.

    Question: - Does “Don’t Duplicate” Key Making Process Enough To Control Key Duplication?

    Answer: - No! While many locksmiths do respect the “Do Not Duplicate” policy in making a key, many discount stores do not follow this. For this reason, to prevent unauthorized key duplication, prevention key systems such as ASSA, Medeco or Abloy should be applied.

    Question: - Is There Such A Thing As A Key That Can Open All Locks?

    Answer: - NO! A master key is designed to open a group of locks or locks under the same key system. Those days of skeleton keys are long gone. Rest assured that there is no such a thing as a master key that can open all locks.

    Question: - Is It Possible To Cut A Key By Its Code Numbers?

    Answer: - A professional locksmith can cut a key by its codes, and hence making it possible. The reason why this is possible is because, it make things easier when it comes to filing cabinet locks, padlocks or even vehicle locks etc. However, before this process begins, you are required to provide proof of ownership. This is a standard security procedure to safeguard the security of the owner.

    Question: - What Is Laser Key Cut?

    Answer: - A laser key Cut otherwise known as Sidewinder; is a key with the milling on the side rather than having them on top or at the bottom. Similarly, the laser is not required to cut this kind of key.

    Question: - What Is A Transponder Key?

    Answer: - A Transponder key is a type of key that comes with an embedded computer chip that transmits data to your vehicle when you turn it on. If transmitted signal is registered by your vehicle’s immobilizer, then the car’s engine will start. If the signal transmitted is invalid, or rather, the key has been damaged, the car will not start, and the vehicle may go into theft mode.

    Question: - I Have Just Bought A Business With A Safe, And I Do Not Know The Combination. Can You Help Me With Getting It To Open?

    Answer: - Yes! We can help you to get it open. Safe opening is one of our specialties. We can also do repairs on opening a safe to renew its security, functionality, and appearance.

    Question: - Can You Change My Safe Combination?

    Answer: - Yes! Through our safe and vault techniques and services can change and reset your vault’s combination. We can do this on majority of safes in the market today.

    Question: - Is It Important To Service Safe Combination?

    Answer: - Yes! It is advisable to consider having your safe serviced at least once every year. Generally, this will depend on the amount of usage applied to the safe.

    Question: - Do You Sell Fire Resistant Safes?

    Answer: - Yes! If we do not have any in stock. We do special orders to accommodate all your needs.

    Question: - Why Is It Important I Hire A Licensed Professional Locksmith?

    Answer: - The truth of the matter is that, there are many people out there who are working as locksmiths, and they are not licensed. In most cases, these unprofessional and inexperienced people are trying to earn as much money as possible causing them to provide misleading information. Through a licensed locksmith, they will provide you with qualified services and advice; and necessary recommendation regarding the security solution of both physical and electronic home or business locks.

    Question: - What IS Locksmith Association?

    Answer: - The Locksmith Association is an organization committed to safeguarding the trust society has placed in security professionals and the security industry. This is accomplished in many ways including:

    Ø Education: Through the Association Newsletters and National-level journalism, books, and manuals.

    Ø Training: Through Its ongoing classes at the local level, provincial level, and even national level. This does also include manufacturer and distributor sponsored training and seminars.

    Ø Accountability: This is achieved through fingerprinting, security checks and licensing.